NCC 1701

On my way to work in the mornings, I find myself behind a small sedan with a personalized license plate that says "NCC 1701".

First I have to giggle.

Then I have to remember that I can understand the reference, hence the giggle.



Good afternoon, you'uns. It's been a while. Here's some general stuff.

- I've been busting ass at work with our new EVP of Sales and Marketing. It's been awesome, but tiring. As a matter of fact, I feel guilty for posting this blog now. That's why it'll be in bullet form.
- Lauren moved far, far away and I don't know when I'll be able to see her again. That's just sad.
- The Cadillac is still broken down, so it still needs to be fixed.
- Josh hasn't had a job in almost a month and a half, so our tax return this year (that's actually quite decent) will go to bills and fixing the Cadillac.
- Our fourth anniversary is on Sunday, and I still haven't killed Josh.
- Jack still hasn't come home. I'm beginning to wonder now if he was so damn miserable at the house that he wanted to run away and never be found.
- I can't wait until my birthday even if it is over a month away.
- Reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances is grand.
- There are some people in this world you want very badly to believe, but when they've started a new serious relationship with guy 4, and the pattern is to fall madly in love with the one she's "been waiting for" - have a kid - and then leave, you tend to just go ahead and cut that rope loose before seeing her hurt anyone else.
- I can't fucking wait for Allie to come to Nashville this month, and we can all go out on the town sans that nasty-ass ho that Rachel used to live with.
- Why is it that when you tell someone "just don't be an asshole to my friends" and they'll still be an asshole to your friends?
- I'm still not smoking (for the most part). I've had one cigarette a week for the last month. I'm still taking the Chantix.
- Our new Sleep Number bed is fantastic, but I will not ever recommend Select Comfort to anyone based upon their customer service alone.

Alright, I think that's a good start.