Lactivist, continued.

Let me clarify my position here.

Those of you close to me already know that I'm an extra-special version of both an introverted and extroverted personality type. I may put myself out there . . . but I usually have to push myself to do so.

(Surprising considering the ex-profession, yes?)

If a mother doesn't breastfeed I'm not going to bash her head in. I'm not going to scold a mother over choosing formula.

What I will do is this: I'll patiently ask any and all questions about breastfeeding. I'll support a mom in continuing her breastfeeding relationship. I'll talk openly about nursing my daughter. I'll openly carry my pump bag around work with me and answer anyone who asks what it's for. I'll nurse in public (discreetly, of course, and if Tori allows). On a more global format, I'll keep up with breastfeeding in the news. I'll join causes to increase breastfeeding awareness, to enact laws to protect a mom and babe's breastfeeding rights, to stop formula companies from telling mothers (untruthfully) that formula is just as ok as Mama's milk. Oh - and I won't shut up about my own accomplishment - breastfeeding Tori (with some supplementation) for seven and a half months.

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