Numbed Aspirations

I love psychology. Love it. Psych classes were always the easiest ones for me to ace in high school and college because all the theories and science behind human behavior just made *sense* to me.

Now I have a new obsession interest. I've become interested in all things lactation-related.

Combine these things with my desire to help people, and I have two great career choices there - either a clinical psychologist or a lactation consultant. So . . . what's the problem?

Both of those fields require medical training. Medical training isn't like the broadcasting classes I took in college. If I walked out of a class and forgot who invented the first radio, who cares? It's not endangering anyone. But with medical training, you have to remember all you learn. All.of.it.

And I have the memory of a gnat.


  1. do you seriously think every nurse, doctor, therapist, etc really remembers EVERYTHING they learned in class? No, that's why they have all those medical books, subscriptions to internet data bases, etc. The only things they remember past test time, are the things they see and talk about on a daily basis. If they learned about Schitzophrenia in grad school and then only treated depression for 15 years, they wouldn't remember squat about schitzophrenia...I PROMISE

  2. *Everything*? No. I know that's more than a little out-of-reach. But I'm not kidding when I say I have Kelly Bundy brain - if I enter one piece of knowledge, another falls out.

    By the time I finished school the first time I couldn't remember even the things that had been drilled into my head year after year. The only things I truly *learn* are those that I physically participate in (why an internship would help me more than the school itself).

    However - to get to that stage I'd still have to at least be able to pass my tests, and my learning / memory skills have made me a horrid test-taker.