No, I Have No

No, I have no money 
for you today.
It's all spent.
It's all gone away.
There are doctors bills, groceries,
and rent to pay.
You'll get your funds. . . 
but I'm afraid not today.

No, I have no time
to give you, my friend.
I'm not sure where the day flew - 
we've seen its end.
Yesterday's gone, today's gone, 
tomorrow's spoken for before it begins.
Yes, I will see you, when it becomes convenient for all.
Seems right now not speaking remains the trend.

No, I have no sanity
to retain for myself.
I can't balance this all. 
I need some more help.
But how can I ask for anything
when I can't share the wealth?
I'll exist over here.
Just with them. And myself.


  1. Did you write that poem? It's lovely. Thanks for checking out my blog! I always appreciate it and someday, you'll be able to tell when i comment back!

  2. I did, thanks! Spur-of-the-moment freewrite.

    Thanks for checking me out. =) I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Keely sounds like a trip!